Why choose a combined photo and video package?


Should you choose a combined photo and video package? Lots of weddings have a photographer and videographer capture the day. Nothing new there. It is an option to choose a company who can supply both.  Read on to learn more and find out the ins and outs of using a combined team…


Is a combined package a form of “fusion photography?”

No. Fusion is generally when a photographer takes short clips of video throughout the day and produces a highlights film of around 3-5 minutes. What I am referring to is a full film package as well as photography but supplied by the same team. As some of you will know I have shot wedding films since 2011 under my other company Swift Productions. This is what led me to start doing photography as many clients used to ask if I could do photos in the same style as my films and now I do.


What are the advantages of doing it this way?

There a few reasons. The main one for me is that we know exactly where each other needs to be and when. Ideally neither the photographer nor videographer should appear in any shots. This is sometimes difficult if someone enters into close proximity of the couple at the ceremony or perhaps in front of the top table at the speeches. Nine times out of ten this is done in an entirely innocent fashion but it does happen nonetheless.  Shooting styles also come into the equation. Why? You may have a photographer and videographer who have very different styles. This can add to the time it takes during the couple shoot. When we work as a team it flows like clockwork. TIme on your wedding day is precious and it’s a balancing act between getting amazingly creative shots and being away from your guests for hours on end! The last thing we want!

Do you use a lot of flash? 

Photography-wise I only use flash in spaces that really require it as opposed to some photographers who use it most of the time for creative effect. Flash doesn’t look good on a video. This is not a who’s right and wrong but more of a personal mix of style and taste etc. As both my films and photography are shot in a very natural manner we don’t tend to pose you much but prefer to let you do “your thing” while we get some great natural shots. We may pose you a little from time to time but we won’t spend 15 minutes positioning your hand for a ring shot! Yes, that does go on in some cases!


Do you only work as a combined package?

No. I’m always happy to work with other individuals and have shot hundreds of weddings with many great photographers and videographers. Communication is key between us and explaining to each other how we work beforehand if we have not previously worked together.


Is it cheaper if we book a combined package? 

Not really. This concept isn’t about saving money but optimizing efficiency and workflow while maintaining a style in both products. Packages can be tailored and extra photographers and video operators added if required. This is especially handy if you need two sets of preparations covered.


Is quality compromised by using a combined team?

Definitely not!!! Quite the opposite in fact. Photo and Film are like everything else in life. One person’s chocolate is another person’s poison so to speak. Be sure to do your homework and ask all the questions you need to and judge on results and portfolios etc. Deals that are too good to be true usually are. Please don’t end up on well-known daytime TV programs as your supplier has done a bunk with your money or lost all of your media! Yes, it happens!

Get in touch! 

If you would like info on either photography or video packages just get in touch through either website.

Below is an example of a combined package from last summer. Amanda and Kris traveled with friends and family from Washington D.C.to Scotland and had an amazing few days at the stunning Springkell Mansion House. Check it out!




Springkell Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography Dumfries

Scottish wedding photography

Scottish wedding

Lee Haggarty Wedding Photography

Scottish Wedding Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography Scottish wedding

Springkell wedding Lee Haggarty Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography

Lee Haggarty Photography

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