Family Photography Dumfries

Family Photography Dumfries

I don’t just shoot weddings. I love doing family photoshoots too! These can take place in your home, in a studio, or on location. These days we all take plenty of pictures on our mobile phones but it’s quite rare to get the whole family in one as one of us is usually taking the pic!

Why not have a family shoot in one of your favorite locations? This could be anywhere from a beach to the woods to a hillside or your back garden. The shoot can involve a whole family or just the kids, It could involve a sport or interest, anything at all really.

The images can be great for gifts and also lovely to look back on for years to come.



Location shoots usually last around 1-2 hours. Nothing is set in stone at all though and can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. A studio-type shoot would normally be less time, usually around 1 hour. Click HERE for Pricing information.

Have a look through the samples below and get in touch to arrange a shoot or discuss things further.

You can also view a full hi-resolution full gallery HERE


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